Boom Festival 2018 – Aftermovie

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This is an unofficial aftermovie of the Boom Festival 2018 in Portugal. Thanks to the organizers of this beautiful transformative gathering and everyone who made it such a special experience.


If you liked this video and you are interested in seeing more psychedelic and festival related content subscribe to this channel. Most of the content so far is in german but im planing on working more in english in the future.

UPCOMING: 360 Degree Video of Boom 2018. With this video and future productions im trying to capture a tiny bit of the experience of a transformative festival to inspire people to visit such gatherings or just to help people who have been to a festival like this remember their experiences.

For that reason i captured part of boom festival 2018 with a 360 degree camera, so that the watching experience is even closer to the real experience.

Stay tuned to more content and especially the 360 degree video which will be released soon!

I believe that gatherings like Boom have great potential to inspire people and transform their lives. Through touching the hearts of the people who go to these events there is also a great potential in transforming society as a whole.

Ritual, dance, celebration. meditation, mindfulness and psychedelic states of mind are more than just fun experiences. I believe they are some of the most important tools for positive change.

If you like help me spread the positive energy from boom and from psychedelic culture in general through sharing this content.
Stay tuned! Stay psychedelic!

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On this channel i share my experiences with psychedelic states of mind and the psychedelic culture of today. I do that because i believe it is important to break the taboo around these subjects and talk about the potential of psychedelics. I want to inspire other people to do the same and contribute in my own way to the psychedelic renaissance.

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