Das BESTE Gras in AMSTERDAM – die Gewinner!

Micha ist für euch nach Amsterdam zum Unity/High Times Cup gereist!
Diesmal erfahrt Ihr, welche Sorten diese Jahr gewonnen haben.

Best Seed Companies—Hash

1st Place: Devil’s Harvest Devil’s Glue
2nd Place: Crockett Family Farms The Juice
3rd Place: Soma Sacred Seeds SO G Kush Waterhash

Best Seed Companies—Flower

1st Place: DNA Genetics S1
2nd Place: Lady Sativa Genetics Orange Diesel V3
3rd Place: Pheno Finder’s Sunset Sherbet

Best Coffeeshop Import Hash

1st Place: Bagheera Mango Haze
2nd Place: Original Dampkring Asli
3rd Place: Green Place Don Perignon

Best Coffeeshop Neder Hash

1st Place: Grey Area SB Ice
2nd Place: Original Dampkring Red Ice
3rd Place: Green Place Cookies & Cream Isolator

Best Coffeeshop Flowers

1st Place: Original Dampkring BlackBerry Bliss
2nd Place: Grey Area White Fire #6
3rd Place: Voyager’s Sunset Sherbet

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