Episode 8 – Grow Visit with Max Gold

In this episode we went back to the new grow facility to check on the plants, and how they adapted to the new frequency of the brand new Q6W’s from SanLight.

» Note: For simplification purposes, we decided to use the common terms indica and sativa to distinguish the associated effects and varieties «

The ElyChain Project is set to be Europe’s largest Cannabis Study with the goal of determining the precise medicinal effect of every cannabis strain. In addition, together with the Cannabis Social Club Elysium, of Lanzarote, Spain, ElyChain will develop exact profiles for each plant, with the goal of standardising and cataloging each variety. At a later stage, ELYC is scheduled to be an integrated payment method for cannabis retailers, and a transactional platform for the industry. In order to be accessible to the general public and other potential investors, ElyChain is open for crowdfunding via an initial coin offering (ICO) using the Etherum Cryptocurrency.

If you would like to learn more about the project visit, https://bit.ly/ELYCHAIN, or send them an email at info@elychain.com


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» http://bit.ly/ELYCHAIN

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