HQ Barcelona

Thanks to David Madilyan, Arnau Garcia, and the entire team at HQ Barcelona for allowing us to take you on a tour of this beautiful cannabis social club.

True to their motto, „Never Stop Growing,“ HQ has grown into one of our community’s leading institutions, providing a different perspective to the still prevalent negative stigma surrounding cannabis and its users. HQ offers its members various activities catered to cannabis enthusiasts, including sports, music, arts, and entertainment.

HQ is also home to the famous Masters of Rosin competition, the first international cannabis extraction competition, attracting leading extract artists worldwide. Without a doubt, HQ’s aura transcends far beyond its physical space.

HQ serves as a prime example of how the Spanish cannabis social club system can provide a safe environment for consuming cannabis responsibly while also creating a robust social fabric around the club.

„Family are the people you grow with!“ -HQ

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